This is an in depth 45 hours course. Learn from zero to hero. Be certified and make a whole career out of it!

Quickbooks is the leading accounting and payroll software for small to medium businesses. Its intuitive interface is easy to understand, even if you lack an accounting or financial background. It integrates with other programs such as Microsoft Excel, making it easy to import data. The student will learn QuickBooks, in order to help manage a business using concepts of General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Invoicing, and Inventory. This course isintended for new users and will cover all the student needs to know to become a QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Premier power user.

This course is unique in that it is very hands on. You will be required complete online work assignments, homework assignments and quizzes. Upon completion of this course you will be prepared to sit for the QuickBooks Certification Exam.


To provide an in depth training leading towards becoming QuickBook certified experts.


  • Week 1
    1. Overview Presentation of Chapter 1. QuickBooks Online Test Drive, Chapter 2 New Company Setup and the Chart of Accounts.
  • Week 2
    1. Presentation of chapter 3 – beginning balances and transaction register. Presentation of chapter 4 – vendors and inventory
  • Week 3
    1. Chapter 5 – Customers and Sales. New customers. Customer settings. Recording sales and cash sales. Financial statements. Chapter 6. Purchases, inventory, payments, remittances. Create invoices for credit customers.
  • Week 4
    1. Chapter 7 Analysis and reports – end of 4th quarter and year.. Chapter 8 January source documents.
  • Week 5
    1. Chapter 9 February source documents. Chapter 10 March documents and end of first quarter.
  • Week 6
    1. Chapter 11 Certification
  • Week 7
    1. Quickbooks labs and report customization
  • Week 8
    1. Certiport Exam


  • None<
  • It is recommended to have some computer skills and to be familiar with Microsoft Applications