This course covers the study of intrusion alarm systems in general. The course will use Power Series NEO technology from DSC as a reference.

Topics covered include: General knowledge of intrusion detection systems and specific guidelines associated to the installation, configuration, wiring and programming of this equipment, and learning will be supported with practical activities in the labs.

At the end of the course, the students take an exam to obtain a Certificate of Completion of training with Power Series NEO. After passing the exam, individuals are able to work installing and servicing this equipment in security companies associated with this and similar technologies.

Additionally, DSC Integrators, with a certificate of completion, are authorized to purchase product from DSC distributors for installation in commercial and residential projects.

Discussion Topics:

  • Familiarize with characteristics of intrusion detection system
  • Identify the main features of an alarm system and have a hands-on experience with Power Series NEO (DSC) from Tyco Security Products.
  • Installing, enrolling, wiring and programming of burglar alarm systems.
  • Design an intrusion solution for residential and commercial installations.
  • Be prepared to take an exam on this technology