Occupational Safety and Health Administration - OSHA 10

Course Description:

This course is intended to supply an entry-level construction worker general awareness on recognizing and preventing hazards on the environment they work.


  • Explain why OSHA is important to workers
  • Explain worker rights under OSHA
  • Discuss employer responsibilities under OSHA
  • Discuss the use of OSHA standards
  • Explain how OSHA inspections are conducted
  • Utilize helpful worker safety and health resources

Discussion Topics:

  • Orientation
  • Module 1: Introduction to OSHA and the OSH Act
  • Module 2: General safety and Health Provisions
  • Module 3A: Health Hazards: Hazard Communication
  • Module 3B: Health Hazards: Hazardous Materials
  • Module 4: Cranes and Rigging
  • Module 5: Focus Four: Electrical Safety
  • Module 6: Struck-By and Caught in Between
  • Module 7: Fall Protection
  • Module 8: Personal Protective Equipment
  • Module 9: Hand and Power Tools
  • Module 10: Scaffolds
  • Module 11: Stairways and Ladders


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